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Why Maintain Your Septic System

If you have a septic system on your property in Lafayette, LA, maintaining it is not an option. It’s a necessity. Here at Freedom Pumping, our septic system professionals offer a variety of services to help you keep your septic system in tip-top shape and avoid costly damages and issues down the road. Here are several of the many reasons you should put septic system maintenance on your priority list.

Save Money

While it’s true that maintaining your septic system may cost you a couple hundred dollars every few years, this is a bargain when you consider the high cost of repairing or replacing a faulty system, which can run you anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 for a conventional system. An alternative system is even more expensive to fix. Factors like the size of your septic system and how many people live in your home will impact how often you need to pay for a professional pumping. 

Protect Your Property Value

Your home or commercial building is one of your largest investments. One way to protect its value is to maintain your septic system. In the event you decide to sell your property one day, a well-maintained septic system will work in your favor. On the flip side a poorly maintained, malfunctioning system will deter buyers and potentially lower the sale price.

Improve Health

Unfortunately, wastewater is full of viruses and bacteria that cause diseases as well as ample amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. As long as you maintain your septic system, it will be able to get rid of most of these harmful pollutants. You won’t have to worry about groundwater contamination, which can spread diseases to you, your neighbors, guests, and pets. Some examples of these diseases include ear infections, hepatitis, and acute gastrointestinal illnesses.

Support the Environment

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to help the environment, septic system maintenance should be on your radar. Here’s why: When your groundwater is untreated or poorly treated, dangers to the water we drink as well as the environment may occur. 

A malfunctioning system disperses chemicals, bacteria, and viruses so that they eventually make their way into rivers, lakes, and streams. This can kill living organisms such as fish, shellfish, and plants. 

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