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Sewer Inspections

A sewer inspection is when a professional guides a special, waterproof camera into your drains to look at the health of your sewer and plumbing system. It can give you an accurate and clear picture of what’s going on inside your pipes and pinpoint the exact location of any issues that may be present. At Freedom Pumping, our professionals offer sewer inspections in Lafayette, LA that might come in handy in a number of situations. 

What to Expect During a Sewer Inspection

At Freedom Pumping, we use the most advanced camera equipment to inspect the condition of your sewer line. Our camera can identify cracks, clogs, and roots growing into your line, which are all signs of issues. Before the inspection begins, a professional will likely run water from all your faucets. This reduces the risk that the camera equipment gets caught inside the sewer line on any debris. Rest assured the inspection is a fairly quick process and only takes an hour or two. 

When to Get a Sewer Inspection

Here are several reasons you may want to invest in a sewer inspection.

  • You’re buying a home: If you’re interested in a home a sewer inspection will reveal the state of its sewer. You can learn about any potential issues and address them with the seller before they’re your sole responsibility and you realize you overpaid for a property. 
  • You’re remodeling: When you remodel, you may need to move or add plumbing or move or add walls. With a sewer inspection, you can find out about any plumbing problems and resolve them while the walls that contain them are already opened up.
  • You’ve never checked your sewer system before: Sewer inspections aren’t just for new homeowners. No matter how long you’ve lived in your home, we recommend them every 3 to 5 years so you can be proactive and combat issues before they become larger and more expensive to repair.
  • You have a leak in your foundation: A failing or failed sewer line can cause a foundation leak. A sewer line inspection is a good way to determine if this is the case so you can save on unnecessary excavations.

Benefits of Sewer Inspections

The most noteworthy benefits of a sewer inspection include:

  • Non-Invasive and affordable: Thanks to advances in technology, examining a sewer line no longer means digging trenches and disrupting landscaping. Our camera feeds directly into your sewer line and identifies problems without the high expense and inconvenience that comes with digging and filling trenches. 
  • Can detect many problems: Sewer inspections allow us to find a variety of potential problems, regardless of how far down your sewer line they may be. Some of these issues include broken or collapsed pipes, and clogs that cause backup and strange odors. 
  • May prevent property damage: While some sewer problems are pretty minor, others are serious enough to threaten your property and health. If dangerous sewer water backs up into your home or floods your landscaping, for example, you’ll face a health hazard that’s costly to resolve. 

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