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Sump Pumps & Aerators

Your sump is designed to detect water that collects in a pit beneath it. When water rises to a certain point, it activates and starts to pump water out of the pit, away from the foundation of your house. That's why a sump pump is your best defense against flooding, which can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. 

For top quality sump pump service in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding area, you can count on our professional team at Freedom Pumping. We have the training and licenses to handle any sump pump system with care and efficiency. 

Sump Pump Installation

A flooded basement is inconvenient and expensive, to say the very least. Since it only takes an inch of water to cause thousands of dollars in flooding and damage, installing a sump pump is well worth the investment. We are pleased to install high quality sump pumps that will keep your basement dry.

Sump Pump Maintenance

While sump pumps are low maintenance devices, routine inspections and testing are still important. They can help you detect problems early before they turn into serious issues in the future. Routine inspections can mean the difference between your sump pump working and failing during the heaviest rainstorm of the year.

Sump Pump Repair

When a sump pump is damaged, it’s unable to perform its intended function of keeping your home dry. Some of the most common signs of sump pump damage include strange noises, visible mold or mildew, vibrations, or a sump pump that simply isn’t pumping. 

If you notice that your pump is malfunctioning, be sure to call us as soon as possible for a repair. Some of the most common sump pump issues we resolve are overworked pumps, stuck switches, and frozen discharge pipes. We’ll also recommend the ideal maintenance schedule so that you can avoid the need for repairs down the road. 

Sump Pump Replacement

Just like all types of mechanical equipment, sump pumps deteriorate over time. If you have an older unit, it may not be performing as well as you need it to. In this case, replacing your sump pump is a good idea. You might save more by replacing it than if you were to pay for routine repairs. 

While there are many types of sump pumps on the market, the most common options include pedestal sump pumps, submersible sump pumps, and battery-operated sump pumps. Once we decide on the right sump pump for your unique property and budget, our professionals will install it to perfection so that it runs in peak condition.

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